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4D Colour Blue Neon

4D Colour Blue Neon

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4D Coloured Blue and Black Number Plates


4D number plates are the latest addition to number plate designs. They are made from 3mm black acrylic characters, stuck to our premium acrylic plates using high strength 3M adhesive. As a 4D number plate maker we know the DVLA state that ‘number plates can be 3D’, therefore 4D plates are fully road legal and made to British Standards (BS AU 145d).

What are 4D Number Plates?

The latest addition to number plate text styles, 4D laser cut plates uses acrylic that is configurable to any of your number plate designs. The new raised 4D plate style adds an even more personal and premium feel to your bespoke number plate design.

You can add a different colour to fit underneath which we call 4D Neon, which are referred to in other places as 4D Crystal plates. 3D Plus or 4D Laser Cut Plates are the same product, but go by different names. Need more info about our 4D show plates? Feel free to contact us for any questions. 


These Coloured number plates are not road legal due to not being fully Jet black as required by DVLA law. Please ensure when ordering these they are only used as Show number plates.

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